Curry Controls has pioneered in developing industry solutions in weight control, automation, batching, refrigeration processing, energy management, etc., for the food and beverage sector. Programmable controller and SCADA based controller techniques coupled with advanced networking topologies enhance control and efficiency of the manufacturing process and plant productivity. Curry Controls Company is an integral partner in providing innovation and control expertise in some of the most sophisticated and demanding processes of this industry.

CCC clients have discretion over all phases of the control system, from selecting the hardware to the 'look and feel' of the computer screens. Custom Graphical Screens are tailor made. Control system design includes a wide selection of instruments and control processor types and manufacturers. Advanced Alarm Capabilities include: voice, pager, and email. Open architectures free the client to obtain ongoing system services from multiple sources since they are not tied to one supplier.

Our refrigeration automation systems are linked to a computer where the operator can view all parts of the refrigeration system from a central location. Curry Controls has developed many sophisticated control algorithms to ensure that your facility operates at peak efficiency.

Check out some of our clients and how we served them below.

Client: Coca-Cola

Project: Industrial Wastewater Facility Improvement

Completed: 2017

Location: Dunedin, FL

Details: Provided Electrical and I&C design build services for an advanced industrial wastewater facility. The facility treated industrial wastewater, from a juice concentrate plant, utilizing MBR ultrafiltration technologies.

Client: Florida Department of Agriculture

Project: PLC System Upgrade

Completed: 1998

Location: Throughout Florida

Details: Upgrade of the existing PLC systems in use by the Division of Fruit and Vegetables to a newer PLC platform. The Brix Acid Unit (BAU) system is utilized to perform citrus maturity and quality tests in its various processing facilities.

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