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Completed: 2016 | Location: Cape Canaveral, FL

Details: Multiple projects for the Kennedy Space Center including HVAC improvements for Launch Pad 39B and the Utility Annex Building. Industrial Area Chiller Plant Control and Monitoring Upgrades for nine separate buildings. Also completed an improvement project for the Vehicle Assembly Building.

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Project: Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion

Completed: 2009 | Location: Davenport, FL

Details: Curry Controls provided systems integration for an expansion from 3 million gallons a day to 6 million gallons a day. Improvements included a SCADA system, new headworks screening facilities, BNR, RAS/WAS pump station, equalization basin, blowers, filtration, high service pumps, augmentation well, sludge stabilization, and dewatering. Field devices provided included networked EPC control panels, intelligent VFD drives and motor starters for all motors, intelligent field instrumentation, and intelligent motorized actuators for control valves.


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Project: Water Supply Facility

Completed: 2012 | Location: Orlando, FL

Details: Curry Controls provided systems integration for this new, state-of-the-art plant with capacity to produce 30 million gallons of treated water a day. All of the county’s production facilities have a centralized architecture, allowing coordination from a master control room. Based on a proven platform of Modicon PLC’s and GE Prophecy IFIX HMI, the plant is controlled by a network of 13 separate PLC controllers. Using thin client technologies and 4 master servers, the county has realized savings with less maintenance, operation, licensing, and hardware costs.

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Project: Warehouse Refrigeration Control System

Completed: 2008 Location: Lakeland & Jacksonville, FL

Details: Frozen Foods Warehousing Refrigeration PLC Control System & SCADA upgrades for both the Lakeland and Jacksonville complexes. Upgrades included a new Spring Water and Drinking Water Ozonation control system to monitor, and regulate ozone application. Also added a new Blast Chiller Control System to monitor and record the products that are cooled in seven separate blast chillers.